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We create unique experiences to transform the business and foster collective intelligence.


Serious game

  • Cybersecurity training

    Defend your business against hacker attacks while learning good practices in cybersecurity.

  • Onboarding of employees

    Involve and train new employees. Transform three days of "onboarding" into an accompaniment over time.

  • Scenario and tailor-made content

    We will build with you a serious game tailored to meet your training needs.


  • Gardener

    Transform managers into benevolent leaders.

  • Astronaut

    Get new projects off the ground.

  • Firefighter

    Resolve emergency situations.

serious game

A fun alternative to traditional training, they improve information retention and completion rate.


Enrich long-term seminars and accompaniments with fun workshops aimed at bringing out the collective intelligence and making actionable the data produced.

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